developed with Next.js and Tailwind CSS
(or how I built and update this site)

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The technology stack

This site is a React application written in JavaScript and built using the Next.js framework. It uses the static generation option, so the HTML is rendered at build time.

CSS and Styling

The site design was created using Tailwind CSS.


The typeface for the text is iA Writer Duo, a beautiful open-source duo-spaced typeface created for the iA Writer app. You can read more about it on the post Writing Fonts: A Typographic Christmas in the iA blog.

The typeface for the headings is Open Sans, an open-source typeface designed by Steve Matteson.


I wrote the code using Visual Studio Code on my Linux laptop.


The content is not part of the JavaScript code, it is written in Markdown files. Most of the content was written using Obsidian, an open-source app, from both my laptop (Linux) or my phone (iOS).


The site code and content are stored in a repository in GitHub and hosted in GitHub Pages. The site is built and published using a CI workflow that triggers when the main branch is pushed up.

Updating the site

I update the site's content directly from my phone, using Obsidian to edit the markdown files and Textastic to make smaller edits to the JavaScript code. I use Working Copy, a git client, to push changes up to Github (which triggers the build and deploy workflow).

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