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cover for Caesar by Adrian Goldsworthy
Life of a Colossus

by Adrian Goldsworthy

Audiobook in English, a day — category ancient history

Narrated by Derek Perkins — published by Tantor Audio in 2014

I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it.

Description from the publisher:

Tracing the extraordinary trajectory of Julius Caesar's life, Adrian Goldsworthy covers not only the great Roman emperor's accomplishments as charismatic orator, conquering general, and powerful dictator but also lesser-known chapters. Ultimately, Goldsworthy realizes the full complexity of Caesar's character and shows why his political and military leadership continues to resonate some 2,000 years later. In this landmark biography, Goldsworthy examines Caesar as a military leader, as well as his other roles, and places his subject firmly within the context of Roman society in the first century B.C.

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