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cover for Surus by Emm Vanderpool
Fabula Belli et Elephanti

by Emm Vanderpool

Paperback in Latin, 69 pages — category learning latin

Published by in 2020

I did not finish reading this book.

Description from the publisher:

Surus the Elephant is the mightest and largest elephant in the army and as such is Hannibal's favorite. The Carthaginian general has plans that will take his army, including men and elephants alike, from Africa, through Spain and Gaul, and directly into Roman territory. This novella recounts the stories of Surus the Elephant and his Mahout (elephant trainer) Mago as they recount their dangerous journey together to Italy. This book contains some 3,000 words total. Of which, there are 130 different words (excluding proper nouns). The book, with sheltered vocabulary and unsheltered grammar, is geared towards intermediate students.

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