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cover for Everything's an Argument by Andrea A. Lunsford, John J. Ruszkiewicz
Everything's an Argument
Everything's An Argument

by Andrea A. Lunsford, John J. Ruszkiewicz

Paperback in English, 608 pages — category writing

Published by Bedford Books in 2018

I have not read this book yet.

Description from the publisher:

Streamlined and current, Everything's an Argument helps students understand and analyze the arguments around them and raise their own unique voices in response. Lucid explanations cover the classical rhetoric of the ancient Greeks through the multimodal rhetoric of today, with professional and student models of every type. More important than ever, given today's contentious political climate, a solid foundation in rhetorical listening skills teaches students to communicate effectively and ethically. Thoroughly updated with fresh new models, this edition of Everything's an Argument captures the issues and images that matter to students today.

LaunchPad for Everything's an Argument provides unique, book-specific materials for your course, such as brief quizzes to test students' comprehension of chapter content and of each reading selection. LearningCurve--adaptive, game-like practice--helps students master important argument concepts, including fallacies, claims, and evidence.

Also available in a version with a five-chapter thematic reader.

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