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cover for Carry On by Bruce Schneier
Carry On
Sound Advice from Schneier on Security

by Bruce Schneier

Hardcover in English, 356 pages — category security

Published by Wiley in 2013

First edition. Signed book.

I did not finish reading this book.

Description from the publisher:

Covering the most up-to-date and highly praised of his writings, the author will introduce each of the categories: Crime, Terrorism, Spying, and War Human Aspects of Security Privacy and Surveillance Psychology of Security Security and Technology Security, Policy, Liberty, and Law The Business and Economics of Security Travel and Security VotingMore than 160 articles will include (with more than 25 never published in Schneier's blog): The Boston Marathon Bombing: Keep Calm and Carry OnThe Internet is a Surveillance StateHow to Create the Perfect Fake IdentityChinese Cyberattacks: Myth or MenaceWhy Obama Should Keep His Blackberry but Won'tGoogle and Facebook's Privacy IllusionIs Aviation Security Mostly for Show?Fixng a Security Problem Isn't Always the Right AnswerHacking the Papal Election

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