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cover for Cuneiform by C. B. F. Walker

by C. B. F. Walker

Paperback in English, 62 pages — category epigraphy

Published by University of California Press in 1987

I enjoyed reading this book.

Description from the publisher:

The cuneiform writing system flourished in the Near East from before 3000 BC to AD 75. This book surveys the development of the script from the earliest pictographic signs to the latest astronomical tablets and the process by which it came to be used for writing many different Near Eastern languages. Sample texts show how the script is analysed into words and syllables and how to read the names of the most famous kings as they appear on monuments. In addition, extracts from contemporary Sumerian literature and school texts give an account of the training of the scribes, and the various types of inscription they wrote are illustrated. The decipherment of cuneiform is explained and—for the collector—some guidelines for the identification of fake inscriptions are given.

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