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cover for Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky
Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands
Fifty Islands I Have Not Visited and Never Will

by Judith Schalansky

Hardcover in English, 240 pages — category essays

Published by Penguin Books in 2014

I enjoyed reading this book.

Description from the publisher:

A lovely small-trim edition of the award-winning Atlas of Remote Islands

The Atlas of Remote Islands, Judith Schalansky’s beautiful and deeply personal account of the islands that have held a place in her heart throughout her lifelong love of cartography, has captured the imaginations of readers everywhere. Using historic events and scientific reports as a springboard, she creates a story around each island: fantastical, inscrutable stories, mixtures of fact and imagination that produce worlds for the reader to explore.

Gorgeously illustrated and with new, vibrant colors for the Pocket edition, the atlas shows all fifty islands on the same scale, in order of the oceans they are found. Schalansky lures us to fifty remote destinations—from Tristan da Cunha to Clipperton Atoll, from Christmas Island to Easter Island—and proves that the most adventurous journeys still take place in the mind, with one finger pointing at a map.

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