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cover for Wordcraft by Jack Hart
The Complete Guide to Clear, Powerful Writing

by Jack Hart

Audiobook in English, 11 hours — category writing

Narrated by Paul Bellantoni — published by Dreamscape Media, LLC in 2021

I have not read this book yet.

Description from the publisher:

Legendary writing coach Jack Hart spent 26 years at The Oregonian and has taught students and professionals of all stripes, including bloggers, podcasters, and more than one Pulitzer Prize winner. Good writing, he says, has the same basic attributes regardless of genre or medium. Wordcraft shares Hart’s techniques for achieving those attributes in one of the most broadly useful writing books ever written. Originally published in 2006 as A Writer’s Coach, the book has been updated to address the needs of writers well beyond print journalists. Hart breaks the writing process into a series of manageable steps, from idea to polishing. Filled with real-world examples, both good and bad, Wordcraft shows how to bring such characteristics as force, brevity, clarity, rhythm, and color to any kind of writing.

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